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Executive Coaching

When was the last time you stopped to think? Thinking time is in short supply, and as deadlines become more pressing and urgent, the idea of taking time out to pause and reflect becomes even more elusive.

And if you do think...when was the last time you had it challenged? Was it effective? How? These are just a few questions to help introduce the concept of executive coaching.

Coaching is not new. It has been accepted for decades in other sectors (such as sport), and in the business world it now has an impressive track record of success and effective intervention. A quick straw-poll amongst seafarers and their managers ashore reveals the maritime sector may be lagging behind in taking advantage of this opportunity to improve work-based performance.

Chris Haughton holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching from Lancaster University and has clients in the public and private sectors across several industries. He defines coaching as a means to facilitate the solution of challenges and problems through the efforts, skill, knowledge and application of the individual being coached.

Haughton Maritime is supported by a network of qualified and experienced coaches, each of whom brings a very personal style to their coaching. We are keen to align the appropriate coach for your needs and circumstances.

Coaches typically work with clients for a six month period with a session each month. This time frame may of course be extended if required. Confidentiality and integrity are explicitly contracted and a spirit of open engagement and challenge is encouraged from the start.

Some of the areas in which Chris and colleagues have coached clients include:

  • self confidence;
  • self motivation;
  • management of change;
  • work and non-work balance;
  • career transition;
  • improving own communication;
  • harnessing own energy;
  • own time management;
  • stress management;
  • team maintenance;
  • influencing others;
  • motivating others;
  • delegation.

Logistical and other challenges in the shipping industry may work against the traditional face-to-face model of coaching - at least at sea - but they are possible to overcome and it's worth exploring alternatives. For instance, telephone coaching is already used for executives who work at-a-distance and it's proven very effective.

All coaching programmes start with a preliminary face to face meeting where coach and client will decide on mutual compatibility, logistics, contractual matters and, of course, the overall purpose and aim of the programme. Please contact us for further information.

Click here to read a paper on Coaching for Seafarers. This was first delivered at a symposium in Athens in 2007 and subsequently published in Seaways, the journal of the Nautical Institute, in 2008


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