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Management Consultancy

Management consultancy includes a wide range of activities. Haughton Maritime will work with you in diagnosing those areas requiring work. We do this through exploring aspects of the culture-in-use within your organisation; building on strengths and identifying barriers to change.

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker, economist, management guru, author (1909-2005)

All situations are different and it's usually more effective to investigate every angle before reaching for immediate solutions.

Any ensuing activity will be process-driven and will aim for positive and measurable impact on your organisation, whether that's gauged by customer satisfaction, staff development or company profits.

Examples of previous work includes assessment of work practices, policies and systems in large tertiary educational establishments, medium-sized corporate companies and small family-owned enterprises.

Chris Haughton writes regularly for the Nautical Institute journal "Seaways". Click here to read a thought-provoking article on seagoing management published in 2011.


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